If you have an idea, the purpose of a
creative mind becomes intelligible.



If you have an idea, the purpose of a
creative mind becomes intelligible.

Erben van der Lans

Erben is a fulltime professional photographer that resides in Leidschendam, a residence close to The Hague, The Netherlands. But seems to travel just about anywhere to get the job done. Photography, videography and drone are his main focuses. Creating a unique and inspiring final image is the main goal he is striving towards to. If you have a dream, Erben can take your project from concept to completion.

Creating authentic stories

Working with Erben is simple. He always starts with a professional and easy-to-follow conversation about what the main goal of the shoot will be. He will then create an authentic and inspiring story around your product or service. And finally, finalize the entire idea together with you, the customer. If the idea is finalized he will produce timeless images and videos to engage your audience.

Life at a glance

Erben has always had a deeper connection with photography. Family members photographed him, and the world around him with some great cameras. Sometimes he got to use them too. And already back then, he tried to achieve more with it than was actually possible. And so, after years, he decided to buy his very first own camera in 2016. From that moment onwards, the world moved fast. More photos, more videos, first projects, first collaborations, press events, an even bigger network, and finally... His own business in October 2021, age 20.

To date, Erben is an all-round fulltime professional photographer and freelancer. He is specialized in aviation photography but absolutely loves new challenges. Architecture, interior, portraits, products, services, events, etc. If the customer has a dream, Erben is here to turn that dream into reality. He is also an EASA Certified Drone Pilot and is striving to turn your ideas into an authentic and inspiring final product.




- Nikon Z6II
- Nikon D7200 + MB-D15

- Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC
- Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S
- Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
- Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR
- Nikon FTZ Adapter


- DJI Mavic Air 2
- PolarPro Vivid Collection ND/PL
- EASA Certified A1/A3 & A2 Drone Pilot


- 2021 iMac 24" M1
- 2021 iPad Pro 11" M1
- Wacom Intuos Pro (S)


- Adobe Lightroom
- Adobe Photoshop
- DaVinci Resolve Studio
- PHLEARN Luminosity Masks
- ProDigitalSoftware Astronomy Tools
- Dropbox Plus
- NX studio
- Cascable


- Angelbird 512GB AVpro CFexpress SE Type B 1785MB/s
- Angelbird 256GB AVpro CFexpress Type B 1700MB/s
- Sandisk Extreme Pro Micro SD 128GB/64GB/32GB
- Sandisk Extreme Pro SD 64GB/32GB
- Angelbird CFexpress Card Reader MK2 Type B


- Synology DS920+ NAS
- Seagate IronWolf Pro 3.5'' 8TB SATA III
- Seagate IronWolf 3.5'' 4TB SATA III
- LaCie Rugged 4TB USB-C 130MB/s
- Samsung Portable SSD T5 500GB 540MB/s


- SmallRig (2258) L-Bracket
- SmallRig (1135) Double End Ballhead with Cold Shoe 1/4"


- Rollei C5I Carbon tripod
- Neewer 19.7" Boom Arm (for C5I)
- Cable Remote Release
- Lensball 90mm


- Freewell Hard Stop Variable ND 2-5
- Freewell Hard Stop Variable ND 6-9


- Marshall Monitor II ANC
- Marshall Motif ANC


- IWMH Riise Meshed Office Chair


- Grisport Anden


- Nomatic x PM Travelpack 35L/42L
- Gomatic x PM Daypack 25L
- Nomatic x PM Cube 7L/21L


- Godox TT685II-N TTL Nikon
- Godox X2T-N TTL Nikon
- Neewer Flash Bracket Type E


- Omnicharge Omni 20+ 220V
- Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA 2500mAh
- Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA 900mAh
- Panasonic Eneloop CC55 Fast Charger
- JJC Dual Nikon EN-EL15 Charger
- Ugreen GaN 100W Fast Charger
- Ugreen USB-C to USB-C Cables


- Datacolor SpyderX Elite


- Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit
- VSGO Sensor Cleaning Kit

Huge Interest

There is always a lot of interest in the gear that I'm using. That's why I made this big list of almost all the gear I use on a daily basis. It's useful to know the gear a creator is using so you 'could' buy the same tools to be able to create the same type of images. But always remember that the same gear isn't going to give you the exact same results in another person's hands. Everyone has a different vision of their work, and luckily it will always be that way. Otherwise, our world will become a little boring. Gear is only a tool to help us create our vision of the world. But it isn't going to revolutionise your world without the basic knowledge of photography. So, get out there, create and let the gear be an extension of the person who you are. Gear alone isn't going to make you a better creator, but in the right hands, it will make the difference.


Behind every idea is a solution. You'll only need someone that knows how to transform the idea into reality.

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