Terms and Conditions



Is it possible to use my images?

Yes, this is possible. But there are terms to follow if would like to. All terms can be found here on this page. If you have any question about something specific and you cannot find it on this page, please contact me via the contact form, e-mail, or get in touch via one of my social media platforms. I will always reply within 24 hours.


All of my productions and this entire website is copyrighted. "©2022, Erben van der Lans, "All Rights Reserved". This can be found in any metadata. Using my 'images' (for example) is allowed but only if you follow the terms and conditions.


Almost all images on this website are for sale and could practically be printed. Except for some specific photos I took for clients. Interested in printing one of my images? Request your quote now.


Would you like to use any of my images as your desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile wallpaper? You are allowed to do so. As long as you use the image 'only' for this specific purpose and follow the terms and conditions. Would you like to buy one of my productions? Take a look at the pricing page.

Image quality

The quality of the images on this website is either 2.5- or 4K. Banners are in 4K (3840px) resolution. Gallery items (which can also be downloaded) are in 2.5K (2560px) resolution. Original file sizes can vary from 5000px up to 15000px wide. If you would like your wallpaper to be in this exact high resolution, or you want to buy one of my productions your quote can be requested.

You are NOT allowed to...

  • Print anything without my explicit authorization.
  • Share 'downloaded' content on social media without my permission.
  • Apply filters or additional editing at any point, unless discussed.
  • Sent 'downloaded' content to others and not inform them about the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. Full responsibility stays with the person that downloaded the content.

Any form of abuse of the terms and conditions is not allowed unless you have received my personal permission to do so. If you still decide to go ahead, legal action will be taken. Do not play the “I’ll use it and if I get caught ask for forgiveness later” excuse. I am clearly stating to you that you need to obtain the terms and conditions or have my formal written permission.

Why is it not possible to use images freely?

Every image has value, the ones I take and the ones you take. We spend so much time developing our own style. But before we can even do that, a creator needs to buy the gear he needs to make sure he will even be able to create. A camera, lens, mac, storage, editing software, etc. But most people forget the most important of them all, the experience. You cannot take amazing images from one day to another. This skill takes years to develop. A good photographer, for example, does not simply 'just' click on a button, a little hocus-pocus here and there, and done, amazing final product... It is sometimes hard for people to believe, and this will probably never really change the way we would like it to be. But explaining why we made certain decisions, makes it more understandable for our clients and the outside world.


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